Kabonge owes the club nothing, hesitates Ggayi

The Masavu FC Chief Executive Officer, Allan Ggayi has rubbished Allan Kabonge’s claims that he owes the club a house and a car.

kabonge_allan-bigOn Sunday 18th, the club management served Kabonge (the club head coach) with a suspension letter on grounds that he violated multiple sections of Employee Standards as per the contract.

On response to the letter, Kabonge said that the club was simply running away from its responsibility of fulfilling what they had earlier on promised him back in July – a car and a house.

But on response to Kabonge’s claims Ggayi also said that;

‘’ Actually, Allan Kabonge doesn’t demand anything from Masavu Football Club. What I know is, Allan Kabonge’s contract does not show where he demands a club five million and a finished house as he said on different media platforms. It is just that Allan Kabonge is paid well ( in terms of allowances and the salary), of which he received all his December salary on 18th/12/2016 which I  didn’t see attached on the letter he put on social media.’’

He also added that Kabonge should know and respect his boundaries though he is a very good coach.

‘’Allan Kabonge as a coach is a good one, we still love him to work with us but there are some issues which he must stay away from.’’

Ggayi was also grieved on the way Kabonge reacted after receiving the letter. ‘’ He is a professional coach as he says and as a coach of that calibre, we expected him to react in a professional way but not showing the letter to every Tom, Dick and Harry because It’s a confidential matter that’s why we did not put the matter on any social media platform,’’ an aggrieved Ggayi exclaimed.

All said and done, only time will tell how this two will settle their serious differences which seem to be taking a different twist as the days go by.


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