Arsenal gets an easy UCL win over Ludogorets

Arsenal were on Wednesday, 19 Oct. 2016 gifted with an easy win over Ludogorets at Emirates stadium. It was a classic performance by the Gunners as they as the visitors 6-0.

arsenal6Mesut Ozil scored his first career hatrick as Arsenal balls continuously hit the back of the net. Alexis Sanchez gave the home side a lead just at the 12th minute when he placed Oxlade-Chamberlain pass at the back of the net. Arsenal’s second came from on-form Theo Walcott who curled in Ozil’s nice pass to the back of the net. The two teams went for the break with Arsenal holding a 2-0 lead.

Just 39 seconds after the break, Arsenal notched another one and this time round it was from Oxlade-Chamberlain who hit a calm loose ball at 12 yards only to find itself at the back of the net. Ozil’s scoring galore started at the 55th minute when Cazorla lofted a flying pass over the visitors’ defence which Ozil who left-foots it to the back of the net. Ozil doubled his score at the 83rd minute when he utilised Lucas’ fine pass. He sealed his hat-trick and Arsenal’s sixth at the 87th minute when Lucas again chipped a ball to him forcing him to volley it past Ludogorets’ goalie.

Ludogorets’ defence was alarming in the second half, and their keeper seemed to disappear whenever the ball was approaching his net. Ludogorets’ defence gave Ozil a lot of opportunities to thrash them, but the talk in football circles in Wenger’s style of play this season. The Gunners have lost just once ever since this season started and also dismantled former champions, Chelsea at the Emirates.

Although Wenger is using Giroud as a target man in case of attacking crisis, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott seem to have given the French international a comfortable seat at the bench. What puzzles the fans right now is the ability of the Gunners to maintain their form as they are known of booking the 4th position in the Premier League and dropping off at the round of the last 16 in the Champions League.


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