New Orleans’ Anthony Davis likely to move to Celtics

The current NBA rumors are suggesting a possible move of Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans to Boston Celtics. According to the Parent Herald, it is reported on Thursday, 13 October 2016 that Celtics is currently interested in New Orleans’ Davis. The All-star power forward has attracted the attention of Celtics after their bid for Kings’ Centre DeMarcus Cousins and Bulls’ Swingman Jimmy Butler seemed to be futile.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at New Orleans PelicansThe Celtics are reportedly ready to give up three players and a draft pick in order to acquire Anthony Davis. Davis is likely to replace Amir Johnson at power forward if at all this rumoured deal succeeds. Anthony’s move is intended to build up the momentum of Celtics’ players like Jaylen Brown who is a promising rookie, Jay Crowder, Marcus Smart who has a lot of talent although he is employed as a back-up player amidst spending two years at NBA. This trade according to many NBA fans will be a good one for Celtics.

The New Orleans Pelicans are considering a rebuild since the team is full of hard core players but trading Anthony will undoubtedly leave the New Orleans power forward shaky but in case Amir Johnson as the idea of a swap deal is reported, he will try to deliver but not as Anthony.

It is likely that Celtics want this trade come to pass, and there is a possibility that the New Orleans have a reason or two for the trade to come to pass. The deciding factor here is the direction The Pelicans want take their team. If they think that Davis is not there all-time player, then Celtics might get their guy. However if New Orleans’ General manager, Dell Demps prefers to have Davis at his side due the increasing Western Conference competition, then he is likely to turn down Celtics rumoured offer.


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