NBA star, Derrick Rose rape allegations investigator found dead

Nadine Hernandez who had previously acknowledged investigating rape allegations against NBA star and Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose was found dead on Tuesday, 11th October 2016. It’s reported that gun shots were heard in her Whittier, California apartment on Tuesday night.

Derrick on arrival to court recently

Derrick on arrival to court recently

Hernandez, 44 was found at her home towards 3 am, after police responded to reports on gun shots around her area of her residence. She later died in a hospital amidst being transported their by paramedics. The Whittier Police later told the media that a fire arm was recovered at the scene. The police also added that as per now, the incident is being investigated as a suicide.

Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls point guard was earlier this month dragged to court by his ex-girlfriend, Jane Doe on grounds that he and his two friends drugged and gang raped her in August 2013. However, Rose’s attorney rubbished the allegations claiming that it’s a calculated move intended to bring down a highly respected and successful athlete. The Chicago Bulls also released a statement that it would be inappropriate for them to comment on Rose’s rape allegations.

Hernandez previously worked on high profile criminal cases for Los Angeles Police Department including the investigation into Rose’s. On September 23, Hernandez wrote a letter to the attorney of a woman who filed a case against Rose on grounds that she was raped. This was intended to clear the misconception that detectives had become reluctant to investigate cases.

Derrick Rose has however remained tight lipped about the incident.


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