Golola set for Muay Thai Bout contest

The East and Central Africa kick boxing champion, Moses Golola dubbed as ‘’Moses Golola of Uganda‘’ has vowed to be very ready for the Black Belt Muay Thai Bout contest. Golola has camped in Nairobi to prepare for the contest that is set to take place on 15 October 2016 at the Kasarani Sports Complex, Kenya. Golola is to fight with the Tanzanian boxing champion, Emmanuel Shija.

Golola in a gym recently

Golola in a gym recently

Golola told the media in Kenya that he is set to extend his kick boxing influence to the Kenyans so that he can get finances to complete his kick boxing academy project in Kawempe, Kampala. He also vowed to thrash Shija before the Kenyans so that they will realise that he is not a joking subject. He also boosted that he has dominated the kick boxing industry in Uganda for so long and it is time to dominate other regions.

Golola is reportedly getting training skills from a Dutch veteran fighter only identified as Andrea. Golola first met Shija in 2014 at Crested Crane Hotel in Jinja in which Golola hit Shija badly. Golola who admits to have made improvements in k1 and Muay Thai styles claims that if he beats Shija even President Museveni might remember the promise he made to him for completing his kick boxing academy.

Paul kabaale, the Xtra Kombat’s director, said that Golola and Shija will be battling for inaugural Xtra Muay Thai Africa title. The winner of the title is to get lucrative prizes from companies behind the event.

Uganda’s Kizza Twaha dubbed as ‘’Black Lee’’ will take on Kenya’s Norbert Nabertson in the Welterweight Xtra Kombat Muay Thai regional title. Norbert is currently the Muay Thai champion.


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