UOC defends Rio Olympics participants

By; Thomas Odongo; 

UOC president, William Blick during a press conference at UOC headquarters.

UOC president, William Blick during a press conference at UOC headquarters.

The Uganda Olympics Committee (UOC) has defended the 2016 Olympics participants. The Olympics games that were held for a three weeks period at the Brazil capital Rio ended without any Ugandan athlete winning a medal (gold, bronze or silver). This later called for criticism from the general public (especially on social media) accusing the athletes of lack of patriotism, skill and commitment

However, during a press conference held on Sunday, 4th-9-2016 at the Uganda Olympics Committee headquarters in Lugogo, the UOC president William Blick defended the athletes on many grounds.

First, he said that little resources were invested in the Uganda athletes compared to those from the nations that won various medals. He urged that the athletes that won medals like those from the United States, China, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Kenya and many others had necessary resources and a lot of home support contrary to the Ugandan athletes.

William Blick also added that the government through the ministry of education, science, technology and sports should finance the sports industry if not there is no way they can reap from where they did not so. He complained that the sports industry is one of the most unprivileged sectors in government.

On giving his last remarks, Blick urged both the government and the athletes to start preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ‘’now.’’ He urged that earlier preparations for sports events always yields good performance. He also urged the general public to give support to the home side regardless of the performance. He added that booing athletes by the home fans especially on social media may discourage them to perform well even in future sports events.





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