Lord Bendtner returns

By; Thomas Odongo

Former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner popularly known by football pundits as ‘’Lord Bendtner’’ has returned to England after being signed by the English championship side, Nottingham Forest on a free transfer deal from the German side, Wolfsburg on Sunday 4th-9-2016.

nickAccording to BBC Nottingham Forest correspondent, Colin Fray, Nottingham Forest reported that the 28-year old was discussing terms to leave the German side and he has agreed a two year contract with Forest. The Denmark international also told BBC that his main target was to come back to England and he has achieved it. He also told the BBC that he had an unhappy spell at Wolfsburg and he made mistakes in the past and he is looking forward to the future. Lord Bendtner also added that he is ready to work with Forest’s manager Philippe Montanier Bendtner also admitted that he is ready to work with Philippe Montanier.

Football pundits Johnny Phillips and Charlie Nicholas said that there could be a possible return of Bendtner to Arsenal. However social media critics insist that Lord Bendtner’s return to Emirates is not bound to happen.

Nottingham Forest is to face the just relegated side Aston Villa this weekend but Lord Bendtner admitted that he is not very ready for this game due to fitness reasons. Bendtner scored 29 goals in 72 appearances for his home side and scored 71 for the Gunners in 171 games. Bendtner also had loan spells at Sunderland, Birmingham and the Serie A defending champions Juventus.


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