KCCA stunned by Onduparaka.

By; Thomas Odongo; 

The game on Friday, 9th-9-2016 between Onduparaka FC and KCCA FC at the Green Light stadium in Arua municipality resulted into Onduparaka FC beating KCCA FC 2-1. This game was between defending champions (KCCA) and the Uganda Premier League new boys (Onduparaka) hence it was a big humiliation for the new side to the league to beat the champions. According to the article in Ultimate Sports on Friday 9th-9-2016, by Thomas Odongo it was noted that the Onduparaka FC vs. KCCA FC game was bound to be a David vs. Goliath game and the 2-1 victory of Onduparaka over KCCA has made this come to pass.

KCCA FC players during a football match with Soana FC just before they lost to Onduparaka.

KCCA FC players during a football match with Soana FC just before they lost to Onduparaka.

The Onduparaka games have always attracted attention and this victorious game over KCCA FC in particular has drawn a lot of attention from local football pundits, local soccer fans and the media basing on the fact that this game was between ‘’David and Goliath’’ (new side to the league and the league champions). The staunchest fans like Festo Aiku were not surprised by the result although the new fans and the whole nation were left in shock.

The game was heated up right from the onset since the hosts (Onduparaka) had a lot of support from their West Nile fans. The Onduparaka fans had even carried a coffin to the touchline symbolising that Mike Mutebi’s side were to face the wrath of the caterpillars (Onduparaka FC). As the game climaxed, Onduparaka’s Muhammed Shaban gave the caterpillars a lead although critics say that he was offside. The first half ended with Onduparaka leading 1-0.

When the second half kicked off both teams were at their best as the caterpillars were trying to secure another goal to seal the win while Mike Mutebi’s side was trying to level the game. Just a few minutes of the second half, Muhammed Shaban again scored for the caterpillars through a nice brace hence giving them a 2-0 lead and his second for the day. None the less at the 68th minute, Sulaiman Akinyem (the Nigerian international) scored for KCCA bringing the game to a one goal deficit for KCCA. Akinyemi’s goal was however not enough as the referee blew the final whistle with the game still 2-1.

Onduparaka FC is now 2 points behind SC Villa. The caterpillar’s coach Leo Andra hailed his side just not for the three points but for stunning the champions while Mike Mutebi thanked his boys for the efforts and now focuses on the game against Lweza.

The performance of Onduparaka is still shocking local football pundits especially the amateurs and local soccer fans have always found it hard to predict their games basing on the fact that they are the new bulls in the kraal. Their win against Mike Mutebi’s side has drawn a lot of attention from the media and the whole sporting industry. This may help the team to reap big interms of the fan base and sponsors.


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